Alicia Bay Laurel
What Living's All About
$15.00 + $3.50 P & H
A great new CD from Alicia Bay Laurel! As heard on Radio Free Phoenix, this great disc featuring twelve catchy jazz, blues, and gospel tunes, ten of them original, including "America the Blues," featuring avant garde guitar hero Nels Cline. Gorgeously (self) produced, with three ensembles of top notch professional players. What Living’s All About emanates sex, spirituality, cynicism, humor, hip repartee, and occasional righteous rage. Listen to all the tracks at CD Baby!  For listener comments, click here. Jazz critic John Stevenson of ejazz news, London, hails it as one of the best CDs he's heard this year.
Track Listing
1 Floozy Tune
2. America The Blues
3. Aquarian Age Liberated Woman Blues
4. Zero Gravity
5. Doctor Sun and Nurse Water
6. What Living's All About
7. Sometimes It Takes a Long Time
8. Nature Boy
9. Best of the Rest of You
10. I Could Write a Book
11. It's Not Fair
12. Love, Understanding and Peace
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What Living's All About CD
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Alicia Bay Laurel - What Living's All About
$15.00 + $3.50 P & H
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Read some of the reviews on this CD:
It's a charming CD. It doesn't sound like anything else that's out there. It says important things in an unassuming way. It's also very personal. I really like it.
Nels Cline
Avant Garde/Jazz/Rock Guitarist of reknown
Los Angeles, California
* * * * *
I love your CD. There are several songs we will soon add to the rotation. But I had to start playing Floozy Tune right way. It is SO funny!
Brad Freeman
Radio Host
KHBC Radio
Hilo, Hawaii
* * * * *
Feedback from Jackie Ryan, one of the greatest living jazz vocalists, IMHO:
I heard your CD!! WOW!!! FANTASTIC JOB, ALICIA!! GREAT TUNES!! WOWOWOWOWOW!!! I can tell you put a lot into it. You did an EXCELLENT and very professional job. You hould try selling some tunes to some big names!!!
* * * * *
Love your CD! Thank you for being you!
Ruthie Ristich
Jazz Vocalist
Boston, Massachusetts
* * * * *

Sassy, sexy, sophisticated and smart!
Sophia Songhealer
New Age Singing Goddess
Carmel Valley, California
* * * * *
Howdy Alicia! I hope this finds you happy, healthy and happy!
-L-O-V-E your NEW CD, "What Living's All About"!!!
"Floozy Tune" is one of my favorites! I can't wait to share your tunes on the air.
Take Care- - -
Miss Holley King
Radio Host
KBSZ-AM Saturdays 8 AM to 12 Noon
Radio Free Phoenix Sundays at 2 PM
* * * * *
It’s a terrific piece of artistry, and deserves to shine at its brightest! We’ve been enjoying Alicia’s new CD a whole lot. [re: Nels Cline] Wotta guitarist! Whoo-ee!
Ramon Sender Barayon
Electronic Music Pioneer and Author
San Francisco, California
* * * * *
Soul sister beautiful Alicia
I got your wonderful new CD. Also CD cover art.
It is so great!! You reach higher place in mountain of music!
The message is so straight. It came into my heart.
Music are so sophisticated. Your vocal is growing up.
So wonderful!!
We are enjoy it.
Always I can feel connected your spirit.
Goddess blessing you!
Sachiho Kudomi
Naha City
* * * * *
Got Alicia’s new CD & really do think it’s the best ever. I dearly love jazz & blues anyway & Alicia’s voice is perfect for “Floozy Tune” – the first old timey song. Another of my favorites is “Best of the Rest of You”. I’m tempted to quote lyrics, which are all excellent. Anyway, far as I know, Alicia wrote all the songs except the classic “I could write a book” in which she gives a little talk about the vicissitudes of the publishing business – a subject wherein she knows whereof she speaks. Youse guys are missing out if you don’t check this out. Alicia’s one of our own & she’s done us proud IMO.
Pam Hanna
Freelance writer, editor and critic
* * * * *
i just got my sample of your disc….i must say, it looks AND sounds
very good! congrats on an excellent release! we do so many titles,
that it’s rare that i actually LIKE one. but, yours is certainly an
exception….totally going to get it on my iPod.
please don’t hesitate to contact me, if/when you have another need for CD or DVD manufacturing. same with your friends: send them directly to me and have them drop your name. i’ll certainly take care of them!
Joe Vent
AtoZ Media-Midwest
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
* * * * *
Dear Alicia:
The CD certainly arrived. I waited until family left, as I like to listen to a new album with undivided attention (NOT as background music!). I sat with the liner notes, read your commentaries and the lyrics. I LOVE the album. You are the most incredibly creative woman!
Floozy Tune is great fun. I like traditional jazz and blues a lot, but tend to get lost in the current stuff. Your sensibility pleases my ears!
I'm recommending your web site to like-minded colleagues and friends.
Barbara Neighbors Deal, Ph.D.,
Literary Associates
* * * * *
Dear Alicia:
It seems new CD is different arrange from ever work.
I enjoy many sound, may be your friends.
I love illustration of jacket too !
Koki Aso
Freelance Journalist
Kamakura, Japan
* * * * *
You are so friggin’ talented it makes me weep…
Thanks so much for sending me your new CD. I am enjoying it thoroughly!
Aloha nui loa, Barb
Barbara J. Fahs, M.A.
Hi`iaka’s Healing Herb Garden, LLC
Author of Super Simple Guide for Creating Hawaiian Gardens
Kea’au, Hawaii
* * * * *
I was struck by the uniqueness of the sound and some of the melodies and voiceplay grabbed my attention!
Don Strachan
Author, Watsu Therapist and Tantra Teacher
Middletown, California
* * * * *
I have listened to you music and I am stunned and delighted!!! I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! YES!!!!!! Man….. the jazzy bo ho beat sultry powerful oh yes.
Thank you , Alicia, for Being You!
Love, Char ~*
Webmistress of Hippie Museum
Santa Cruz, California
* * * * *
Dear Alicia,
I just listened to your CD: "What Living's All About". Oh, every one of the
songs was really good. I especially liked the "doctor sun and nurse water"
which is, like the song you recited to me, a poem and a prayer at the same
time. I love the "nature boy" also. "it's not fair" is funny and sad...
"america the blues", so strong. The music, voice, the content of the songs
are all so good.
Through these 32 years, both of us have seen pleasure and pain, beauty and
sadness of life which, I think, made us closer. I had such a deep feeling
of solace being with you.
Good night for now.
Kenichi Iyanaga
Saitama, Japan