Radio Free Phoenix Marketplace
Band Stickers
NEW! Dashiki print tapestry in reds
NEW! Batiked Flower and Leaf Tapestry in purples
Napthal Circular Print Tapestry in blues and various colors
Patchworked Tapestry in multicolor
Circular Mandala Tapestry in reds
Paisley Tie-Dye Tapestry in oranges, blues and browns
NEW! Celtic Sunflower Tapestry in neutral tones
Keep on Truckin' sticker
Sun/Moon Tapestry in navy/teal
Sunset Celtic Tapestry in bright colors
Steal Your Face Tapestry with Roses
Grateful Dead Dancing Bear Tapestry
Celtic Sarong/Wall Hanging
Celtic Weave tapestry in browns
Batiked Lord Buddha Tapestry in browns & reds
Mirrored Patchwork Squared tapestry in multicolor