Tom Tuerff - Something To Sell At My Gigs CD
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Tom Tuerff - But Wait...There's More!  CD
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Something To Sell At My Gigs
Tom Tuerff is a Phoenix-based singer-songwriter (and also hosts of RFP's Zappa Universe) who likes to say he writes about important things: getting older, Catholic guilt, body piercing and choosing between paper or plastic, to name just a few.
After years of playing coffeehouses around Phoenix, he says, "People kept telling me, 'Tom you have to make a CD so you have something to sell at your gigs.'" So I recorded the CD and it's called 'Something To Sell at My Gigs.'"
This CD  features Tom's tune "First House" which became a top aong on Dr. Demento's Funny 5 in 2001.
"The song was played on Dr.Demento six times in all by the end of June," Tom says, "and five of those times, the song was in the 'Funny Five,'which is the most requested songs of the week. I was completely blown away but I'm very grateful to the Doc for breaking my song like that."
"First House" eventually reached the #1 spot on the "Dr. Demento Funny 5" on the June 3, 2001 show. By the end of 2001, the song was #5 on Dr. Demento's "Funny 25" list for the year 2001, and is featured on "Debasement Tapes 10," a CD sent out by the show to members of the Demento Society (his fan club).
Other songs on the CD that have received airplay on "weird music" radio shows around the country (and several countries in Europe) include "Very Short Books," "Catholic Guilt," "P.O.P.," "The Beatles Are Witches" and "Little Star Treks."
Tuerff has been playing guitar for more than 30 years, and writing songs nearly as long. He's known for playing right-handed instruments, left-handed. In other words, upside down.
"People have a real problem playing with me sometimes, because they can't figure out what I'm playing," Tuerff says. "Then once they figure it out, they usually have problems playing with others who are doing it normally."
Tom plays coffeehouses around Phoenix, and makes limited appearances outside of the Valley. If you don't live in Phoenix though, now you don't have to go there to buy a CD at one of Tom's gigs--you can order one right here!
But Wait...There's More!
Exactly five years after his first CD, "Something To Sell At My Gigs," landed in the hands of lots of people who should know better -- and on radio shows across the country, including the Dr. Demento Show, humorous songwriter Tom Tuerff returns with another sampling of silly songs, "But Wait...There's More!"
"In some ways, this is the album I wanted to make last time," Tuerff says, "and I mean that literally. One of the songs on here was supposed to be on the last album but the fiddle player got sick. And I meant to record another one at the last sessions but I forgot. So they're here now."
And so are 8 more newer songs, all of which show off Tuerff's unique ability to twist the listener's funnybone.
Tuerff is a Phoenix-based singer-songwriter whose one mission in life is to not take it too seriously, and to poke merciless fun at people who do.
"I will lampoon anything that won't get a fatwa issued against me," Tuerff said. "I simply observe bizarre human behavior and then I comment on it. I think people get a laugh out of my songs because often, even in very obscure ways, they see themselves in the song."
This can't be exemplified better than in the reaction Tuerff gets to "Sun City Sinners," one of the songs on the new CD.
"I saw a news report a few years ago that our county sherriff was spending taxpayer's money to keep retirees from engaging in public sex," Tuerff said. "My thought was, if they're 90, and they can do it, more power to them. Do it anywhere you want to, you crazy people, you! Needless to say, whenever I play this song for crowds in or around Sun City, I see a lot of nudging and nodding and 'we've done that' glances while they're laughing."
Unlike his first CD, which consisted mostly of just Tuerff and his guitar, "But Wait...There's More!" features quite a few songs with major instrumental backing.
"These songs just worked better with more instruments," Tuerff said. "So I found the best people possible to lay them down and I'm thrilled with the results."
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