The Uber for Handymen and Cleaners!

A New mobile application that help Handymen and professionals cleans is set to release in March of this year. Called The new application, CLYN pronounced ‘’CLEAN’’ allows users and entrepreneur alike to be paired with the courtesy of professional cleaning services and and handymen in their area, all by a click of a button.



Heralded as there Uber for Handymen and Cleans CLYN’s owner and Founder, Diana Muturia. –

Explains, her humble beginnings in coming to the states for the American dream to begin her quest for the application began after coming here working as a professional cleaner realizing an application for those starting out in the workforce new to a country such as the US, would be beneficial to help gain the confidence in those looking to employ for valuable services so many bring to our country in search of their dreams. “It will be a huge advantage for helping the economy like 3rd world countries like Bangladesh, Nigeria and other where small business is the driving force of the economy allowing those to reach larger masses and provided more for their families. “If we’re able to help, the Mamma Wolf,” She say express what they call the regular-housekeeper (in her hometown of Kenya, ) “that means her family can provided with food, and opportunism to provide education for the family she provides for.”

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Clyn’s team led by Diana, and her team look to serve beyond Phoenix, the US and across the globe through team members in Kenya, NIGERIA BANGLADESH read to go live for Android Marketplace everywhere March 2017.

This feature was produced, written, recorded, and edited by, Michael Thomas, Jr.



TUCSON: The Arizona Geological Survey has discovered a new growing crack in Pinal County.

The Geological Survey announced late January that they found the fissure, which they explored with drone video . The fissure is  located just 25 miles south of Arizona City between Casa Grande and Tucson.

The fissure is believed to have formed between March 2013 and December 2014. It is more than half a mile longer than other fissures in the area at just over 2 miles in total wide.

While Fissures are fairly common in central Arizona, this one continues to grow and will be closely monitored by The Arizona Geological Survey.



We spoke with Chief of The Arizona Geological Survey, Francis Michael Conway about the growing gape!











    Photo Courtesy of The Arizona Geological Survey, Tucson


Written, Produced, Published and Edited by, Michael Thomas, Jr. 



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To Mars and Beyond the Stars: An interview with “Astronaut Abby”, Abigail Harrison


Photo Illo. Teenager Abby Harrison " astronaut Abby' is obsessed with becoming an astronaut, will be traveling to Russia courtesy of an Italian astronaut for the next manned launch to the space station. Minneapolis, MN on May 10, 2013. ] JOELKOYAMA•joel ORG XMIT: MIN1305142124080143 Photo Illo. Teenager Abby Harrison ” astronaut Abby’ is obsessed with becoming an astronaut,  hopes to become the first Astronaut on Mars and inspire others to reach for the stars, literally!

As a child we all have dreams we hope to achieve one day as as an adult. By the time we become adults those dreams often alter and change.

For one 19 year old college student, that tale is one that could be traced back to childhood and living stronger than ever.

19 year old Abigail Harrison with an incredible set of dreams. For one, Ms. Harrison  is an aspiring scientist and with dreanof becoming a NASA astronaut, the first one to land on MARS.

And that’s just the beginning –Astronaut Abby, her self titled moniker and name of website and blog), also dreams of becoming the first astronaut to Mars.

I addition to her dreams of epic proportions, Ms. “Astronaut Abby” has also created a worldwide outreach program called the #FutureOfSpace, a global initiative  that is geared toward inspiring  opportunity for those to express their passion and excitement about space, STEM and dreams with kids around the world.

The program includes initiative,  includes “an email pen pal program, classroom visits, web chats, speaking at events and sharing on her social media channels and blog”; describes Astronaut Abby’s Blog @
Abby is committed to inspiring her generation and beyond instilling opportunity  to those less fortunate to have the opportunity that allows underprivileged children to hone their skills in the fields of STEM through organization like ‘The Mars Generation.’


RFP’s Michael Thomas, Jr. Spoke with Ms. Abigail Harrison on her life ambitions’s, her intuitive to provide opportunity and inspire others through her organization and the future of STEM education.

Young and Aspiring Astronaut, Abigail Harrison as a lot to see about the future of STEM fields and so much more! Young and Aspiring Astronaut, Abigail Harrison as a lot to see about the future of STEM fields and so much more!






LISTEN the interview here-



Follow Abby’s journey on Instagram, Twitter, or at

-Produced & edited by Michael Thomas, Jr.

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'Sit With US' Founder, 16 Year Old Founder and and Brand Ambassador ‘Sit With US’ Founder, 16 Year Old Founded, Natalie Hampton Pictured left and and Brand Ambassador is creative huge waves with her new mobile app to take on the challenges of school bullies





A new mobile application is helping students fight bullying and helping bridge friendly bonds among students into the lunchrooms of middle school and high schools across the globe.


The application is called Sit With Us, A mobile application that was established a by a 16 year old highschool student after years of facing abuse from fellow students and peers in the lunchroom at her school.


Natalie Hampton, the creator and brand’s ambassador of ‘Sit With Us’ decided to take action so she reached out to her parents and got to together with some developers to start Sit With US which After going public in September of 2016, has been featured on Good Morning America, NPR News, ABC World News,  and countless major news outlets across the world. Since the application took wave in the Apple’s IOS App store, Sit With us has been received with positive reception serving thousands of schools across the world.



Ms. Hampton’s creation has been helping create a positive influence for many students in schools across the country and beyond, to form friendships and avoid the hardships of being bullied for where you choose to sit at lunch where friendships often start and are initiated in school settings.

The Application’s Process Set Up Like this : Sit With Us serves mobile application that for  students to reach out to their peers and fellow students, and inviting them to their school lunch tables. Through the application student can look at the list of “open lunches” in the mobile application which allows to know that they are have an open  to join with no chance or fear of rejection.

When signing up as an ambassador through Sit With Us, each “Sit With Us ambassadors take a allegiance to welcome anyone who joins and include them in the conversation.


Carolyn Hampton

Natalie Hampton, 16, created the Sit With Us mobile application after experiencing physical, emotional, and cyber bullying in middle school which resulted in changing schools and a new attitude to help tackle this issue on click at a time.

Natalie explained how both teachers and parents can take part of bullying solutions in school by being part to coordinate ‘Sit With Us’ programs, facilitate topic discussions during lunch to bring people together, or organize gatherings that can help build friendships between students.

“My high school places a great deal of emphasis on community service and what it means to be a global citizen, and I think that is why it is generally a kind and welcoming place,” she said. “

As far as the future of the application goes, The busy teen see no stopping in helping push her application to a larger audience; “Right now we’re looking to create an application available in more countries, and eventually open on the android market, for android users to download., ” Hampton said.”


  We had the opportunity to speak with Ms. Hampton on her inspiration for the application Sit with Us and find out how all of it works in action:




Join Radio Free Phoenix for the 28th edition of “A Rock & Roll Christmas” with Andy Olson. The show kicks off at 6pm Arizona-Mountain time tonight and runs an astonishing 30 hours!

Listen in for an incredible deep and outrageous mix of Rock N Roll Christmas tunes hosted by Andy Olson. This is the only show in the country that gathers together such an absolutely cool mix of Christmas Rock & Roll — Featuring Xmas Rock with an attitude along with a generous helping of parody & novelty holiday tunes. Since 1988 this show has been gracing the Phoenix Airwaves, first on KSLX, then KDKB, KZON and then back to KSLX and now on Radio Free Phoenix!


We have so  many great new Rock Christmas tunes in the mix this year along with old favorites from:

Jackson Browne  – U2 – Adam Sandler – Greg Lake – The Who – Pretenders – Dan Hicks – Sting – Jimi Hendrix – Smithereens – Blues Traveler – George Thorogood – Cheech & Chong – John Mellencamp – Old 97’s – Fountains of Wayne –  Big Star – Ramones – George Harrison – Dave Edmunds – Billy Squire – Band Aid – Graham Parker –  Heart – Payolas – Cheap Trick – Crash Test Dummies – XTC – John Lennon – Waitresses –  Jethro Tull – REM – Ringo Starr – Kinks – DB’s – Paul McCartney – Bruce Springsteen – NRBQ – T Rex – Adrian Belew – Weird Al Yankovic – Squirrel Nut Zippers – Max Headroom – Ramones – Bob Rivers – Shawn Phillips – Sex Pistols – Slade – Elton Duck –  Leon Redbone – Tom Waits – Peter Murphy – Alice Cooper – Bobby Lloyd & The Skeletons – Mojo Nixon – Doug & The Slugs – Bruce Cockburn – Smoking Popes – Talking Meds – Andrew Gold – Keb’ Mo – Riders In The Sky – The Band – Aimee Mann & Michael Penn – Darts  – Loudon Wainwright III – Smithereens – Andrew Gold – Band Aid – Fab Four – The Killers – Blondie – Joan Jett – Big Star – Chuck Berry – Freddy Cannon – Sex Pistols – Donovan – Shins – The Fab Four – Keith Richards – Billy Squire – Guster – Slade – Little Charlie & The Nightcats – Payolas – Roy Wood & Wizzard – Graham Parker – Dave Matthews – Flaming Lips – Jorma Kaukonen – Count Floyd – Smashing Pumpkins  – Darts – El Vez – The Reducers and much more!

This is a truly  unique show unlike any other on AM/FM station nor the internet. A Rock & Roll Christmas has stood the test of time!

Click HERE to Listen to Radio Free Phoenix!



One of Arizona’s Rock & Roll treasures is Mike McFadden. He was the singer-songwriter in many bands in the Phoenix 60’s including Mile Ends & Superfine Dandelion. In the 70’s, he was part of the great lost San Francisco band “Elton Duck” along with Mike Condello, Andy Robinson & Michael Steele. Mike has given the world so many great songs over the years and his latest is no exception. He wrote “Song For Tatum” for his six year old grand-niece, Tatum – this precious little girl is in a fight against cancer and her Uncle Mike wrote this to give her the strength and courage she needs to get through this and on the road to recovery.

Listen to Mike’s “A Balloon for Tatum” and please donate to the GoFundMe page that has been set up for Tatum to raise funds to help pay her medical bills.


From Mike:

I want to thank the following people for taking the time and opening your hearts and wallets for your donations to the Go Fund Me account for Tatum and her family, you are truly making a difference in their lives. Also for sharing the post to others on Facebook. I was going to send an individual thank you, but there so many of you, I decided to do the collective.
I shall only use your first names because maybe you dont want your last name published here, but i have to thank you. thank you, Jack, Jeff, Dennis, Rochelle, Vicki, Ken, Wendy, Heather, Pam, Trudy, Lisa, Bree, Chelsea, Richard, Venita, Don, Katie, Laurie, Jerome.

If i failed to list your name here i am sorry and forgive me.

Thank you all for your help and prayers for this precious 6 year old.  below is the link to the page for anyone else that may wish to contribute $5.00 , $10.00 or whatever –  it all helps

Love and Peace,

Michael McFadden

Go Fund Me – Gold For Tatum

We have just started the Radio Free Phoenix 2016 Radiothon – our fundraiser to keep RFP alive and on the air.  We went on-air August 18th, 2004 and this year, 2016 has been our most challenging for raising funds for the station. The royalty rates we pay to play the music went up over 400% on January 1st. We need your help – please donated to RFP and help us keep bringing this great music RFP to you!

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* Our entire staff works on a volunteer basis, but as we are commercial free we do ask that our listeners help to cover the essentials such as server fees, music fees, office rent, etc. Our only source of income is through CD & T-Shirt sales on-site and listener donations.

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You can can also send your donations to Radio Free Phoenix  591 S. Fourth St Globe, AZ 85501

Help preserve one of the last GREAT underground rock radio stations in the country!

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Dan’s Garage #8 (Aired 8/9/2016)

1 Bobby Comstock – Let’s Stomp (Lawn) 1962
2 Lonnie Mae w/ Gene & The Satellites (Fine) 1960
3 Two Kats & A Kitten – Kit Kat Rock (Fine) 1957
4 Frank Sandy w/ The Mel Thomas Trio – Tarantella Rock (1958)
5 The Redcoats w/ Steve Alaimo – The Girl Can’t Help It (Lifetime) 1957)
6 Baron Daemon & The Vampires – Transylvania Twist (WNYS) 1964
7 Madisons – Valerie (Twin Hit) 1964
8 Andy & The Classics – Wilma (Hurd) 1966
9 Bobby ‘D’ & The Trinidads – Don’t You Just Know It (Radiant) 1963
10 Catalinas – My Misery (Novart) 1963
11 Shorty Prescott’s Velvetones – Bring It On Home (Velvet) 1962
12 Continentals – Cathy’s Clown (Lifetime) 1963
13 Don & Tony & The Nighthawks – Lightning (Capitol Star Artist) 1960
14 Vaqueros – Echo (Audition) 1963
15 Vistas – Moon Relay (Tuff) 1963
16 Tempests – Rockin’ Rochester (Half Life) 1962
17 Tweeds – We Got Time (Coral) 1967
18 Jesters – The Big ‘T’ (Candy Cane) 1963
19 Utica Club Natural Carbonation Band –Natural Carbonation Song (no label) 1968
20 Ed Wool & The Nomads – I Need Somebody (RCA Victor) 1966
21 Pineapple Heard – Valleri (Diamond) 1967
22 Declaration Of Independence _ Letter To Ruth (Mr, G) 1967

Dan’s Garage #7 (Aired 8/2/2016)

1 New Arrivals – Let’s Get With It (Southbay) 1966
2 Pride & Joy – If You’re Ready (Dunwich) 1967
3 Id – Boil The Kettle Mother (RCA Victor) 1967
4 Wreck-A-Mended – Dirty Old Man (United Artists) 1967
5 Lords Of T.O.N.K. – Miniver Cheevy (1968)
6 Hard Times – They Said No (World Artists) 1967
7 Waywayrd Five – Good Times (W-5) 1966
8 Gestures – Don’t Mess Around (Soma) 1966
9 Fendermen – Don’t You Just Know It (1962)
10 Soul Seekers – Boom Boom (Westchester) 1967
11 Cast Of Thousands – Girl What You Gonna Do (Tower) 1967
12 Randy & The Radiants – My Way Of Thinking (Sun) 1966
13 Little Joe & The Mustangs – I Dig You Baby (Challenge) 1965
14 Capes Of Good Hope – Lady Margaret (Round) 1968
15 Group Image – Hiya (Community) 1968
16 Sorce – Tomorrow Won’t See Me (Bulb) 1969
17 Alva Starr – Light Of A 1000 Years (Golden) 1967
18 Myddle Class – Free As The Wind (Tomorrow) 1967
19 Jim & Jean – Strangers In A Strange Land (Verve Folkways) 1968
20 Other Five – You Really Got Me (Baus) 1967

Dan’s Garage #6 (Aired 7/27/2016)

1 Liverpool Five – That’s What I Want (RCA Victor) 1965
2 Scorpions – (Aint That) Just Like Me (CNR) 1964
3 Fireflies – Stella Got A Fella (Ribbon) 1959
4 Cloudwalkers – Sunglasses (Capco) 1965
5 Floyd & Jerry & The Counterpoints – Believe In Things (Presta) 1966
6 Clefs Of Lavender Hill – Play With Fire (Date) 1966
7 Blues Magoos – The People Had No Faces (Verve Folkways) 1966
8 Fifth Order – Gone Too Far (Diamond) 1966
9 Sapians – Ask Yourself Why Babe (Mercury) 1966
10 Dynatones – The Fife Piper (HBR) 1966
11 Tommy Adderly – I Just Don’t Understand (Mar Mar) 1964
12 Rumbles Ltd. – Push Push (Sire) 1969
13 Cowsills – Hair (MGM) 1969
14 Sunshine Company – Look, Here Comes The Sun (Imperial) 1967
15 Collectors – Make It Easy (Warner Bros.) 1967
16 Wellington Arrangement – Love (Decca) 1970
17 Aardvarks – Salty Dog (Bullet) 1969
18 Beacon Street Union – South End Incident (MGM) 1968
19 Gregorians – Dilated Eyes (ABC) 1969

Dan’s Garage #5 (Aired 7/20/2016)

1 Riddles – It’s One Thing To Say (Mercury) 1966
2 Pattens – You Should Know (Stature) 1966
3 Ides Of March – I’ll Keep Searching (Parrot) 1965
4 New Colony Six – Cadillac (Sentar) 1966
5 Gary & The Nightlights – Glad You’re Mine (Seeburg) 1965
6 Curiosities – Walkin’ The Dog (Seeburg) 1965
7 Dynamics – Summertime USA (USA) 1964
8 Mickey Finn – Night Comes Down (World Artists) 1966
9 Stained Glass – We Got A Long Way To Go (RCA Victor) 1967
10 Only Ones – You’re The Reason (Panik) 1966
11 Hype – White Light, White Heat (Major Tom) 1970
12 Suzi Quatro – 48 Crash (Bell) 1974
13 Sound Idea – Song In My Soul (Coral) 1967
14 J.J. Lancaster – So Unkind (Date) 1967
15 Front End – Remember (Walking In The Sand) (Smash) 1968
16 Steve Walker & The Bold – Train Kept A Rollin’ (Dyno Voice) 1967
17 Fabulous Pharaohs – Hold Me Tight (Reprise) 1967
18 Group Axis – Smokestack Lightning (Atco) 1969
19 Waters – Mother Samwell (Delcrest) 1969

Dan’s Garage #4 (Aired 7/13/2016)

1 Dave Davani Four – Tossin’ & Turnin’ (Capitol) 1966
2 Michel & The French Canadians – ‘Cause I Believe (Danco) 1965
3 Black Jeans – El Tigre (Musart) 1961
4 Silvertones – Get It (Goliath) 1963
5 Gents – I Wonder Why (Normandy) 1967
6 One Eyed Jacks – Love (White Cliffs) 1967
7 Weight – Another Side Of This Life (Bertram International) 1970
8 Beau Brummels – Don’t Talk To Strangers (Autumn) 1966
9 Superfine Dandelion – People In The Streets (Mainstream) 1967
10 Mysteries – Please Agree (Manhattan) 1967
11 Chartbusters – She’s The One (Mutual) 1964
12 Elite – One Potato (Charay) 1965
13 Rivieras – Rockin’ Robin (Riviera) 1965
14 Fabulous Counts – Money (Kim) 1963
15 Electric Toilet – Revelations (Nasco) 1969
16 Derrik Roberts – A World Without Sunshine (Roulette) 1965
17 Tony Turow – What I Think About You (Zaraks) 1964
18 Victors – We Struck A Match (Alpha) 1967
19 Buccaneers – Killin’ Floor (Treasure House)
20 Dave Berry – Latisha (London) 1968

Dan’s Garage #3 (Aired 7/06/2016)

1 The Tree – No Good Woman (Barvis) 1966
2 The End – I Can’t Get Any Joy (Philips) 1965
3 Scott Bedford Four – Last Exit To Brooklyn (Joy) 1965
4 The Models – Bend Me, Shape Me (MGM) 1967
5 The Legends – Fever Games (Railroad House) 1969
6 The Chylds – No More Tears (Ivanhoe) 1969
7 Paper Cup – She Needs Love (Bear) 1970
8 Belfast Gipsies – Gloria’s Dream (Loma) 1967
9 The Creatures – Turn Out The Light (Columbia) 1966)
10 The Fairviews w/ The Fifth Dimension – New Generation (Spin-It) 1966
11 The Kingsmen – If I Need Someone (Wand) 1966
12 Merrie Motor Co. – Season Of The Witch (Scott) 1968
13 The Original Intrigues – I’ve Tried My Best (BRC) 1970
14 The Bards – Light Of Love (Piccadilly) 1967
15 Fabulous Tynsions 5 – Lone Ranger Man (Natchez-Joe) 1966
16 Amen Corner – Nema (Deram) 1967
17 The Sundowners – A Shot Of Rhythm & Blues (Jamie) 1964
18 The Rogues – Everyday (Columbia) 1964
19 The Hardtimes – Fortune Teller (World Pacific) 1966
20 The Moonrakers – You’ll Come Back (Tower) 1966

Dan’s Garage #2 (Aired 6/29/2016)

1. Phluph – Doctor Mind (Verve) 1967
2. The Collection – Both Sides Now (The Hot Biscuit Disc Co.) 1968
3. The Thousand Faces – A Thousand Faces (Era) 1968
4. Dion – Daddy (Rollin’ IN Your Arms) (Laurie) 1968
5. Five By Five – Apple Cider (Paula) 1968
6. Pendragon – Desert Of Time (Tower) 1969
7. Brimstone – Trinket (Firebird) 1969
8. Brenda Lee – Is It True (Decca) 1964
9. 2 Of Clubs – Heart (Fraternity) 1966
10. Pepi – Hypnotized (Prism) 1965
11. Evil Encorporated _ Al I Really Want To Do (Scene) 1966
12. Toads –  Leaving It All Behind (Decca) 1965
13. Dantes – Can’t Get Enough Of You Love (Jamie) 1966
14. Tropics – You Better Move (Laurie) 1966
15. Sound Of The Seventh Son – I Told A Lie (Tower) 1966
16. TR4 – Let It Be Known (Velvet Tone) 1966
17. Hausens – Can’t You See (Jayem)
18. I’des Of March – Roller Coaster (Parrot) 1966
19. Groundspeed – In A Dream (Decca) 1967
20. Exotics – Morning Sun (Monument) 1968
21. Shags – Hide Away (Laurie) 1967

Dan’s Garage #1 (Aired 6/22/2016)

1. The Buzz – You’re Holding Me Down (Coral) 1967
2. Vagrants – I Can’t Make A Friend (Vanguard) 1966
3. D Men – So Little Time (Kapp) 1965
4. Bob Seger & The Last Heard – East Side Story (Cameo) 1966
5. The Aardvarks – I Don’t Need You (Fenton) 1966
6. Bed Of Roses – Quiet (Tea) 1968
7. 13th Precinct – You Gotta Be Mine (TRX) 1968
8. Checkerlads – Send For Me (RCA) 1966
9. Sweet Young’uns – Dog Eat Dog (Shurefine) 1967
10. Burgundy Blues – I’ll Take You Back Again Argee) 1966
11. Vandals – Ballad Of A Loser (Big Rock) 1966
12. Lost Tribe – Walk One Way (United Artists) 1969
13. Astronauts – I’m A Fool (RCA) 1964
14. Loved Ones – Ever Lovin’ Man (Mainstream) 1966
15. Terry Knight & The Pack – Numbers (Lucky Eleven) 1966
16. Jury – Who Dat (Port) 1966
17. Lost – Back Door Blues (Capitol) 1965
18. Sonny Flaharaty & The Mark V – Hey Conductor (1967) Counterpart
19. Rainy Daze – Make Me Laugh (1968) White Whale
20. Fugitives – Mean Woman (1965) Columbia
21. Cryan Shames – Ben Franklin’s Almanac (1966) Destination
22. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band – Diddy Wah Diddy (1965) A&M

Starting Monday, June 27th and running for the next 4 weeks, will be airing a 20 part feature spotlighting the new Frank Zappa documentary called “Eat That Question”. Segments will feature Frank Zappa, his daughter, Moon Zappa, other family, friends, collaborators and fans. Each part is followed by a Mothers of Invention or solo Frank Zappa song. This will air twice per day, at 10:40 am (AZ/Pacific time) and then again at 9:30 pm.
For more info about the Documentary, here is a link: