John Stewart Music & Interview Special with Andy Olson on RFP!

Join Radio Free Phoenix in welcoming John Stewart back to Anderson’s 5th Estate in Scottsdale on Sunday, February 19th at 8pm. RFP will be giving away tickets to the show and also copies of his new CD “The Day the River Sang” (Win it before you can buy it!).


John Stewart recently told RFP’s Andy Olson that he considers this to be the finest album he’s ever recorded. Andy had a chance to sit down and talk with John Stewart for several hours the other day and you can hear the results in this music and interview special with John Stewart on Thursday, February 16th at 11am (MST) on Radio Free Phoenix!

Listen to an archived recording of this Music & Interview Special with John Stewart here!

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  1. Jim T. November 2, 2013 10:38 pm  Reply

    What a treat!! John Stewart was such a huge influence on us growing up in the 70’s, here in the valley. KDKB played a lot of John Stewart, making his Celebrity Theater shows an always packed and memorable event. Years later, in the late 90’s, I saw him play at McCabe’s Music Store on Pico in Los Angeles. He was raising money to help pay for his wife’s medical bills. Your radio show interview with him is a wonderful tribute to his long history of being a great entertainer, from the folk music of the 60’s through to his songs up to his passing in 2008. Thank you so much for making this available. Thank you so much!

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