Radio Free Phoenix Voted Best Internet Radio Station In The Phoenix New Times!


You know a radio station is free from crappy, corporate play lists when it airs a weekly show called “Zappa Universe,” honoring the music of Frank Zappa. Or when it plays The Earps, an abrasive, local cowpunk band, right after classic-rock fogies like The Marshall Tucker Band. Or when listeners play DJ and pick a pile of weekend songs (and the station actually plays them).

Welcome to Radio Free Phoenix, an Internet station that plays everything from New Wave to blues to folk to psychedelic jams (and a bunch of amalgamations in between), spanning the ’60s through today. Where corporate-owned radio stations use a computer program called Selector to determine their playlists (based on time, genre, and even gender limitations), Radio Free Phoenix’s DJs actually choose the music they play. So instead of hearing “hit singles” all day, listeners get gems like the new song “I Think I See the Light” by Yusef Islam (formerly Cat Stevens) — which will never ride a Clear Channel frequency — along with special programs like “Rock-A-Billy & Beyond,” hosted by former AZ resident Miss Holley King. There’s also “Jukebox Cantina,” which dishes out ditties by the likes of locals Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers, Truckers on Speed, and The Pistoleros. With programs like these, and on-air personalities like Liz Boyle (also on-air at KOOL FM) and Andy Olson (formerly of defunct PHX stations KRIZ and KRUX), Radio Free Phoenix has truly Net-ed a winner.

Phoenix New Times
September 27, 2007

Readers Comments

Angela Allen is the best morning show host, ever!I used to listen to her many moons ago on KOOL-FM. Imagine my surprise to read that she is now on Radio Free Phoenix. I’m actually listening to radio in my home, again, after so many years of just cd’s. Thank you Andy Olson, Radio Free Phoenix, and Angela Allen. Lois StadaPhoenix

Lois Stada
December 8, 2007

Thank you, New Times, for recognizing these folks noble endeavor.

We listen to this station throughout our home.

I have turned many of my relatives throughout the world to this little sanction of deep tracks. My cousin who works as a contractor in beautiful central Baghdad, Iraq listens to Radio Free Phoenix (RFP) whenever possible. He and some of his colleagues have even told others who work within their confines to listen to RFP. Just know RFP is helping many in while they are away from close friends and relatives in some of the very unsafe locations throughout this crazy World.

Matt Marino
November 9, 2007

I listen to Liz Boyle every day at work. Her music selection is the best. Radio Free Phoenix rocks the staid law offices of Bacher, Taldowe and Jones!

Brian Tadlowe
October 19, 2007

I grew up in Wickenburg in the 50’s 60’s listening to Krux and Kriz.. and Country local KaKa ( yes that was the real name ) which is now KBSZ ( Miss Holly’s Ex Radio Ranch ).. and listening to KDKB from late 60’s to mid-70’s .. I have been living in Europe for over 25 yrs.. and Radio Free Phoenix…has tuned me back into a times and musical places I never thought I’d find again. Congratulations on your recognition..and Thanks for keeping radio real..

October 2, 2007

Congrats to all the staff at RFP– nice job! It’s great to see noble efforts go rewarded. Liz Boyle’s show rules! Jim

James Stellhorn
October 1, 2007

CONGRATS to ‘RFP’!!!!!I’m still a newbie to Radio Free Phoenix, but am already in love with what they do.A special congrats also to Andy Olson, and the entire team at ‘RFP’…

Bill Herrick
October 1, 2007

-Bill Herrick Cleveland, Ohio(Author of: “Induct Melanie into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Petition”)Thanks ‘RFP’ for all of your support too!!!!!

Playing now at ASU’s Memorial Union. Long Live RFP!

 Steve Rivas
October 1, 2007

I came into Tracks in Wax one day and they had RFP on. I was blown away by the mix of old and new. I usually don’t listen to any type of classic rock, but RFP plays new old stuff I’ve never heard of on the regular radio. They also play all the best of the new. I like the comedy and vintage underground radio clips, too. I wasn’t listening to radio anymore, just my MP3s and it got kind of boring.RFP has brought me back to a new and better kind of radio. The dj’s are all knowledgable and good to listen to, and I’m constantly being surprised with the music. Figures New Times would find these guys.

Steve Schyne
September 29, 2007

Finally..RFP comes out of the record closet,and gets recognized for all their hard work & hundreds of rockin’ listener hours. I’ve spread the word about RFP to the oldies (my generation),to the newbies (my kids generation).Everyone either gets a flashback or an education about how a Rock n’ All (music) station used to be..and should be.RFP brings back when DJ’s were real artists, painting music moods with a collage of never ending sets.Special thanks to Andy Olson who continues to throw on Condello’s ` Soggy Cereal’ and other local greats.

Rob Cook – Rob Cook Wallace,Ladmo & Gerald fansite.
September 29, 2007

All the best, to the staff of This is an incredible station that’s finally getting it’s due.I first heard about this station when Jimmy Magahearn wrote about them a few years ago in New Times. I’ve listened every day since. Stations like this don’t exist on the dial anymore.Thankfully, radiofreephoenix, and it’s underground rock radio format is thriving on the internet.A Loyal Listener.

Mike Anderson
September 28, 2007

Congratulations to Andy, and the woman behind the man, Cheryl Olson! This husband and wife team have endured and sacrificed much on behalf of bringing deep tracks from the past and present, absolutely free of charge and commercial-free, to the internet airwaves.RFP has been on the air, completely listener supported, for 4 years. Thanks to all the volunteers that have hung in there, donating their time to the cause of keeping this great music alive, and sharing it with the world, particularly, the airstaff that volunteers daily: Angela Allen, Dave Cooper, Cheryl Sweet, Pete Michaels, and our wonderful weekend staff, Charmie O’Connor, Mike Fimea, Paul Riopelle and Anthony Cuiella, Shon White, Joe Catanzaro, Tom Tuerff, Stu Baker and Miss Holley King.

Spread the word. Make a donation. Support one of the last remaining underground rock radio stations on the planet- the Valley’s own, Radio Free Phoenix.

Thank you, New Times, for recognizing this noble endeavor.

Liz Boyle  
September 28, 2007

Thanks for the blasts from the pasts, particularly from Valley bands of days gone bye….Superfine Dandolion, The Spiders, Floyd and Jerry, Mike Condello, The Jetzons and, er, that band called, uh, ummmmm, The Tubes.

A bit of Phoenix is always with us on the internet at RFP.

Fee W.
September 28, 2007

Congrats, RFP! Thanks for the support and the plays. Buckshot George, The Earps

Congratulations to the staff at RFP.. you guys give your time to keep the airwaves alive with music that’s soothing to the ears.. . Andy, you’re the Man… your passion for quality music is finally paying off!! long may you run!!!

Dan Griffin
September 28, 2007

I am down with that, Miss Holley. I think we’re all bowled over and there’s one guy who totally deserves this recognition – Andy Olson. Congratulations, Andy. And bless your heart for keeping the Ken Doll burning in the window for free form rock at it’s True Last Outpost. We all know it is not easy and that many sacrifices are made. This is recognition truly deserved.

Angela Allen
September 27, 2007

-W-O-W-What a wonderful honor!The Phoenix New Times, my favorite ragto bestow such a honor on our hardworkin’ groupof fine folks at RADIO FREE PHOENIX!I’m speechless.(which is not good because I’m a DJ)I will dedicate a song on my next radio aboutwinning this might fine thing.

Have a good rockin’ day(and night)!

Miss Holley King
September 27, 2007

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