Monthly Archives: October 2014

Radio Free Phoenix welcomes the legendary Sharon Kelley, as she joins the RFP airwaves, beginning this Sunday at 4pm! In tribute to her 30 year career as the first female television director in Arizona, including helming the Wallace and Ladmo Show for many years (plus a subsequent Emmy Award), Sharon will be inducted into the Arizona Broadcaster’s Association Hall of Fame, later this month. We are so excited to be welcoming this professional, and true rock and roller, to the RFP family!

sharon kelley2

Jim Bachmann

Starting this Thursday at 8pm (AZ time), RFP will begin airing a new specialty show called “The Ripsnort Radio Hour” The program is hosted by Tempe, Arizona based singer/songwriter Jim Bachmann.

 Jim describes his show as “Meaty Chunks of Honky Tonk, Blues, Roots, Soul, Stonerbilly, and whatever else grabs us… In the words of the late great Duke Ellington, “If it sounds good, it is good.”       (Playlist Archive HERE)