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bannedrockJoin Radio Free Phoenix for a new daily feature with Andy Olson called “Banned Rock N Roll” starting this Monday – featuring the stories and songs behind rock songs banned from radio & television from the late 50’s through the 00’s. This also includes the many songs banned from airplay by the BBC!
Join us three times a day, Monday through Friday at  6:20 am, 2:20 pm & 10:20 pm (Arizona Time) on Radio Free Phoenix.

Every Tuesday night at 8pm (AZ time) join Liz Boyle on RFP for 80’s Kickback – an entire hour of New Wave music from the 80’s – The kind of songs that were guaranteed regular airplay on early MTV and caused radio programmers to start watching MTV to see what videos were being played. These stations, worried about losing their listeners to MTV, added a lot of this music to their playlists. causing so many new artists and bands to be exposed to the masses – It was a great time for music!

80's kickback2

ken michaelsJoin us in welcoming Ken Michaels and his great Beatles show “Every Little Thing” to Radio Free Phoenix. Ken has been doing a Beatles specialty show in one form or another since 1982 when he launched The All-Request Beatles Show” This show ran on New Jersey rock station WDHA-FM  for 10 consecutive years (1983-1993). He joined XM Radio in 2003 and re-christened the show as “Every Little Thing.”

This program features an entirely fresh look at the Beatles, covering the four musicians’ complete catalog (group and solo) right up to their newest releases. His show debuts on RFP this Friday night at 8pm (Arizona Time) Also, check out his website HERE for more info and see his collection of great pics featuring genuine Beatles and the extended Beatles family and artists.

Every Little Thing