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National School Lunch Week was initiated in 1962 by then President John F. Kennedy. National School Lunch Week, abbreviated as NSLW, serves as a week long commemorative to appreciate and initiate a positive school lunch experience, town by city, county by county, and state by state.

National School Week runs for a school week every October, with this week running from the 12-16th.

However,this week just reminds, schools, parents, educators, and students to take any week to reflect and embrace positive eating habits in the school lunch room setting. We had the opportunity to speak with Carol Weekly,RD, SNS Director of Child Nutrition Queen Creek Unified School District #95.

She spoke greatly into turning AZ School lunch room into a positive and healthy atmosphere.

Arizona represents over 53,000 individuals who are helping keep a positive commitment to child nutrition.


Mission statement from this years School Nutrition Association from School

“The NSLW 2015 theme is “School Lunch Snapshot” It’s about sharing the best, real images of today’s school lunch—fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, milk, and smiling students. It provides a great opportunity for School Nutrition Members to capitalize on using social media to promote your program to parents and students, too!”-


Story Produced and edited by Michael Thomas, Jr.

Music Used in Clip- ”Drive” by Oh Wonder