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Radio Free Phoenix now brings you “The Daily Beatle Break” – Monday through Friday in the noon hour (Arizona time). Hosted by Dave Marino, The Daily Beatle Break is intended to educate listeners about the influence the Beatles have had on Rock & Roll! Each episode features one Beatles song along with the story behind it – including rare outtakes and alternate song versions by the Beatles!


Longtime Radio Free Phoenix listener, Dan Griffin, joins the airstaff, weekdays from 3-5 am. He’s a Phoenix native born at the old St. Joseph’s Hospital in 1953 and graduated from St. Mary’s High School in 1971 (for all you Knights out there).


Dan says:

I grew up in central Phoenix and started listening to KRIZ in the 60s and then came along a guy named Bill Compton! Music on the radio was a pleasure for the ears with KCAC and KDKB, a free-form underground progressive rock station. The DJs included Toad Hall, Hank Cookenboo, Scott Niccolson and Nina Joy.  I was hooked on a wonderful music format till Bill’s untimely death. It was a few years before that format returned in the 80s with K104, KSTM and the early KZON.

In 2005, I read a Phoenix New Times article about an internet radio station started up by Andy Olson and Liz Boyle called Radio Free Phoenix. Their mission was to keep Bill Compton’s spirit alive and well, and boy they did! I have done couple guest DJ appearances on RFP and been a regular listener for almost 12 years.

Now Andy has given me an opportunity to be a regular DJ Monday-Friday from 3am to 5am. I’m looking forward to Andy’s passion keeping Bill’s spirit alive and well – Long May You Run RFP!

Radio Free Phoenix would like to welcome longtime DJ, Janie Snyder to the airwaves. If you listened to KWFM in Tucson in the early 70’s you would have heard her on this legendary free-form rock station. janiesnyder

Janie was drawn to microphones at an early age, since her dad would often hide a tape deck under the dinner table and record family conversations. She paired this obsession with her love of rock music, and went on to be a broadcaster at WBAB Radio on Long Island, a jock at KWFM Radio in Tucson, and an announcer at a short-lived gig at KYMS Radio in Santa Ana, California. She has done voiceover work for many companies, including several supermarket chains, K-Mart, Wherehouse Records, and even the Catholic church!  Her interests are talking, crocheting, recycling, camping, and creating awesome segues in her head. You can listen to Janie, Monday through Wednesday from 12 noon – 4pm (Arizona time) on RFP Radio!

Join Radio Free Phoenix  starting this Monday for  “The Angry Arizonan”  Listen in 4 times a day 5 days a week. at 12:40 am, 5:40 am, 11:25 am & 4:25 pm (times approximate).  Read a personal message below from The Angry Arizonan!

The Angry Arizonan

From the desk of The Angry Arizonan…

Dear Grandcanyoneers,

Shouting as a fellow Arizonan, I hope you’ll find some hope, comfort, and tinnitus in the thoughts and opinions that I have chosen to share with you here at Radio Free Phoenix. These days, people seem to have forgotten the queasy sense of well being that can be found in the unshakeable, unwavering, unreasonable sense of certainty that can be found, not in facts, but in opinions. And that’s what I am trying to bring all my fellow Great 48’ers…mainly the fellows.

Sure, I may be angry 24/7, but that’s what this state and this country seems to want today. Some of us, at least the loudest amongst us, are crying out at decibels never before imagined. Sense and reason may work for some, but my gut, not my brain, tells me that what’s really needed now is raw instinct. And at times I can very nearly hear my gut over that ceaseless noise telling me, “You are right, and you’re the only one who is right.” I hope these commentaries will encourage you all to join me in listening to our respective guts, and in shouting down any dissenters.

Deafeningly yours ~ The Angry Arizonan