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The Angry Arizonan

From the desk of The Angry Arizonan…

Dear Grandcanyoneers,

Shouting as a fellow Arizonan, I hope you’ll find some hope, comfort, and tinnitus in the thoughts and opinions that I have chosen to share with you here at Radio Free Phoenix. These days, people seem to have forgotten the queasy sense of well being that can be found in the unshakeable, unwavering, unreasonable sense of certainty that can be found, not in facts, but in opinions. And that’s what I am trying to bring all my fellow Great 48’ers…mainly the fellows.

Sure, I may be angry 24/7, but that’s what this state and this country seems to want today. Some of us, at least the loudest amongst us, are crying out at decibels never before imagined. Sense and reason may work for some, but my gut, not my brain, tells me that what’s really needed now is raw instinct. And at times I can very nearly hear my gut over that ceaseless noise telling me, “You are right, and you’re the only one who is right.” I hope these commentaries will encourage you all to join me in listening to our respective guts, and in shouting down any dissenters.

Deafeningly yours ~ The Angry Arizonan


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