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Amidst of trending news, a new front runner in the search for the tallest model in the world has come forth to challenge.

At 29 years old former Olympic professional, basketball athlete and full time entrepreneur is Ekaterina Lisina, is ready for the challenge!

This lengthy models and former Olympic athlete who stands at just under 6 feet 9 inches’ tall, is looking to put herself in the record books as not only the tallest model, but boasting some of the largest feet and longest legs for a lady!

After being crowned from her home country’s record books as tallest woman in Russia, and woman with biggest feet, is now ready to challenge the likes of others in the contest by beating the current titleholder for the tallest model is Amazon Eve measuring just above 6’9’’ while also hoping to claim the title as the leggiest woman against fellow Russian native Svetlana Pankratova. Ekertina Lisina a full-time mom and model  now ready to claim the title as the tallest model, leggiest lady and boasting oddly enough, some of the largest feet for a lady as she embarks on her budding modeling career.

The Lengthy Model Spoke with us on her discovery and goals:



Ekaterina Lisina is now looking to make her hometown and home country, proud and stand tall looking to pave her own way in the fashion world. With her over 40-inch inseam and size 15 in women’s, being almost 6’9″ inches tall does come with it’s challenges.

20170212_233252 World Record Legs! Ms. Lisina has legs that measure over 52 inches from hip to floor hoping to break record and much more

“Cars are a nightmare, doorways I have to duck many times, and flying planes, I have to often beg others to switch exit rows because my legs are so long! She explains.

“I used be called names, and made fun of my height from my peers growing up” she say, explaining that she wish she wasn’t as tall growing up. Growing through a tall family from parents and a brother all above, 6 feet tall, she knew she was destined to be tall, just no so quickly.

Now that she’s an adult and she’s realized the great opportunity her height brought her as a former an Olympic athlete, playing basketball for Russia’s national team for 12 years. Now that she’s retired and a mother of her own she sees great attention for height from admirers across the internet request images of her long and lean look from admirers in awe of this statuesque beauty. She’s now the model for many styles fit for women of her stature and beyond, complete shoots in Italy and across Europe with her long and lean look!

“I was quite surprised, never did think would people pay to see me pose with my height, big feet, and long legs’’ she say, further explaining that it’s allowed her to embrace of inch of her height and for other tall woman and girls growing up to be proud of what makes them stand above the rest!

Now coming into her body as young adult, 29-year-old Ekaterina Lisina loves every inch of herself and dons a pair of heels when she can, standing above the rest who awe in envy for her long legs and budding modeling career and world record title.

Statuesque and Former Olympic Athlete, of Russia, Ekertina Lisina ready claim her place as the tallest model in the world! Statuesque and Former Olympic Athlete, of Russia, Ekertina Lisina ready claim her place as the tallest model in the world!

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