Music Spotlight: Glider Pilots


Music Spotlight_

Sam and Benjamin Hope of the Glider Pilots Photo Courtesy of Sam and Benjamin Hope of the Glider Pilots
(Photo Courtesy

We spoke with The Glider Pilots who together are bringing a vibrant series of lyrically melodic music comprised of alternative and blues inspired sounds. We spoke with the Queensland, Australian, based-band about their inspirations, creative process and their latest full album release “Talk Free” available where all music is streamed and available for digital and hard copy through band camp and iTunes. Glider Pilot’s music has been making positive waves in the field of the independent spectrum of music earning features on numerous indie playlists such as March and May 2017’s edition of BIRP!  Listen to the full interview here!:

Follow the Formerly known Glider Pilots known now as Twelve Ballet on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and stream on Spotify and Soundcloud today! Make sure to pick up your copy of “Talk Free” from Glider Pilots now on iTunesMusic Glue and BandCamp.



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