Wingman: Your ‘Wingman’ for the digital age.

Wingman is taking flight to join the experience for the digital age.

Wingman is taking flight to join the experience for the digital age.

Wingman: Your ‘Wingman’ for the digital age.

By Michael Thomas, Jr. –

If you ever wanted to play match maker for your friend when it comes to online dating, there’s now an “app” for that.With the applause action  Wingman, you could just that a new app launching in April in both the U. K. And U.S. on apple iOS (Soon to be available for Android device. But the app is not so much a dating application as it is a new application to help friends mingle with other peers in their areas.



“What really sets it apart is that you are that person in the middle.. nudging your friend to meet others” says Wingman’s Tina Wilson. The application’s process all starts by logging into the app with Facebook and then creating a profile for the single friend in question. In addition, the application enables you to have as many pals as you like, while each dater profile can also have multiple wingpeople.

Eventually, your friend is then sent a link to review all the great things you’ve described about them.Once they’ve approved the  profile you set up for your friend, you can then swipe through potential matches for them.

If you swipe on a match for your single friend and that person is interested, your friend is automatically connected to them. They’re then free to take it from there! The privacy finally comes when the connection is made by both and the matchmaking is then up to the matches leaving any chats between the two that are matched!




Founder of Wingman, Tina Wilson,  expresses a new way for friends to be supportive in helping find what’s best for their friends whether they’re roommates or live across the country and beyond, leaving even adult sibling to help play maker for their respected sibling. Listen to our piece here:

Download the application on Apple’s iOs Store  and coming soon on Google Play for Android!

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