Andy Olson – 8-12pm

aoSince 1983, Andy Olson has been a regular player in the Phoenix Rock Radio market. Working on-air for the legendary KSTM (The Storm) for four years (1983-1987) before its untimely demise, and then KSLX (Classic Rock), six years (1987-1993) and the original KZON (The Zone), four years (1995-1999), Then back to KSLX (1999-2006). Andy has seen first-hand, the rise and fall of some great stations in the Phoenix area. He’s a Rock Musicologist and child of the 60’s, and understands what’s been missing from the radio. As the founder and major force behind Radio Free Phoenix, Andy Olson brings freedom of expression back to Rock Radio.  Hear Andy Olson, Monday through Friday from 8-12 p.m. (Arizona Time) on Radio Free Phoenix. facebooksmall