Joe Catanzaro – Sundays 6-10am

JoecatJoe was born in Chicago and moved to Arizona in 1971 where he listened to KRIZ and KRUX. He thought radio was about repetitive bubble gum music and deep voiced DEE JAYS talking really fast until he heard the original KDKB  and then KBBC, the short-lived K104 and the Storm, KSTM. Joe says “It renewed my faith in radio and I set out to get a job ..playing music that I liked and getting paid for it…what could be better than that?  I found myself at a little community college in Yuma where they have a great radio program. At that station I got to do my version of underground radio which was just great.

And now to the present— Radio Free Phoenix has captured that special feel of underground radio (real radio) and I am glad to be a part of it”. Hear Joe Catanzaro Sunday mornings from 6-10 a.m. on Radio Free Phoenix.