Since 1983, Andy Olson has been a regular player in the Phoenix Rock Radio market. Working on-air for the legendary KSTM (The Storm) for four years (1983-1987) before its untimely demise, and then KSLX (Classic Rock), six years (1987-1993) and the original KZON (The Zone), four years (1995-1999), Then back to KSLX (1999-2006). Andy has seen first-hand, the rise and fall of some great stations in the Phoenix area. He's a Rock Musicologist and child of the 60's, and understands what's been missing from the radio. As the founder and major force behind Radio Free Phoenix, Andy Olson brings freedom of expression back to Rock Radio.  Hear Andy Olson, Monday through Friday from 8-12 p.m. (MST) on Radio Free Phoenix.
Andy Olson
Liz Boyle
Liz Boyle grew up in Scottsdale and has been on-air in Phoenix for over 20 years.  Liz has worked on-air at KSLX, KEZ, KDKB and most notably, she spent 14 years at the legendary 94.5 KOOL-FM.  She quit CBS radio to pursue the new frontier of Internet radio.  She currently hosts middays at  Radio Free Phoenix.
Liz has voiced hundreds of local and national commercials. She is currently the female voice talent of KPHO TV-5 and is heard daily by thousands of Metro Phoenix bus riders, as the
voice of Valley Metro.  Liz' national clients include ConAgra, Harrah's and JC Penney. Check out for more info.
Dave Cooper
Liz' ranch is home to 10 rescued dogs.  She's a longtime volunteer with The Arizona Humane Society and is on the Board of Directors of The Arizona Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame. Hear Liz Boyle, Monday through Friday from 12-4 p.m. (MST)  on Radio Free Phoenix.
my personal collection.  Still, I questioned, what else is out there?

By this time, “underground FM-radio” was gaining momentum, so I explored. Around 1976 I discovered WXRT: Chicago’s Fine-Rock Station. The raw, unbridled, eclectic sound emanating from 93.1 on my radio dial provided audio-sanctuary. I then realized, there is more. A lot more.

I was consumed in the glorious, wondrous realm of album-rock, beefing up my sound gear, increasing my record collection, sharing it with – everyone. My home was the place to be. I might as well have been on-the-air. That would have to wait.

Moving to Tempe, AZ. in 1983, underground FM-radio was again revealed by The Storm, and later The Zone in the early 1990s. Professional radio came to me in 1994 at KZON and KYOT – The Coyote – that is where my on-air experience would begin. It’s also where I met Andy Olson. I enjoyed 7½ years as Coyote Dave, later 1½ more in the Valley with K-Jazz.

In 2004, Andy invited me to join the burgeoning entity of Internet Radio. I am very proud to be one of the original members of commercial-free, listener-supported, free-form-rock, Radio Free Phoenix.  Thanks for supporting Radio Free Phoenix for the past 5-years. Enjoy the music: It’s real.   Hear Dave Cooper, Monday through Friday from 4-8 p.m. (MST) on RFP.
Joe Catanzaro
Joe was born in Chicago and moved to Arizona in 1971 where he listened to KRIZ and KRUX. He thought radio was about repetitive bubble gum music and deep voiced DEE JAYS talking really fast until he heard the original KDKB  and then KBBC, the short-lived K104 and the Storm, KSTM. Joe says "It renewed my faith in radio and I set out to get a job ..playing music that I liked and getting paid for it…what could be better than that?  I found myself at a little community college in Yuma where they have a great radio program. At that station I got to do my version of underground radio which was just great.
And now to the present--- Radio Free Phoenix has captured that special feel of underground radio (real radio) and I am glad to be a part of it". Hear Joe Catanzaro Monday through Friday from 12am - 3am and also on Sunday mornings from 6-10 a.m. on Radio Free Phoenix.

Join Paul & Anthony on RFP Saturday mornings from 10-3pm (MST) Per Paul, We've got issues, bear with us. Anthony ran away with the circus at age 16 (he plans on returning one day) and Paul insists Marilyn Monroe and Jar Binks appeared in his cereal this morning. Join the boys for a sometimes strange and abstract view of the world around them. Originally joined at the neck, Paul & Anthony have crafted a world apart, yet connected to each other. Special guest include cousin Vito, A.J. Cone and Carol Channing! Check out their myspace page here!

Paul & Anthony
Cheryl Sweet
RFP's Cheryl Sweet is originally from Detroit and grew up with the rich musical scene of that town. Arriving in Phoenix in 1979, Cheryl was an early listener of  KSTM (the Storm). She did semi-regular appearances on the Channel 10 morning show for several years and also News 5 and is glad to be back in the public eye and having a blast on Radio Free Phoenix. Listen for her unique spin on the tunes! Check out Cheryl's facebook page here! Hear Cheryl, anytime on RFP.
Brad Scalf was born in Illinois and moved to Phoenix in 1965.(Phoenix was a small town back then!) He hung out with the hippies at Encanto Park and went to The Acid Vat and the Liquid Giraffe--both were underground clubs on 16th Street and Indian School. "I used  to hang out at KCAC and was interviewed on the "new" KDKB back in 1972. This was back when the New Times was just starting and was distributed on all high school campus' in the valley until an uproar about a Planned Parenthood ad cause it to be removed forever. After a stint in the Coast Guard at 17, Brad moved back to Phoenix in 1998, "I've been turned on to a lot of good music in my day
Brad Scalf
and love the free form format, I've dreamed of doing radio since I was about 10 yrs old and the dream has come through!" Listen to Brad on RFP, Sunday evening  7-11 p.m.
My earliest memories and influences of music came via WLS-Radio in Chicago during the mid-1960s listening to larger-than-life personalities Larry Lujack, John “Records” Landecker, and others. Radio created such an impact through those impressionable years – I just had to experience a DJ’s life.

The Beatles, by far, were my favorite band – the Toppermost of the Poppermost. Still are. Beatles’ music was the soundtrack of my childhood, but when their legendary magic dissolved, radio continued to fulfill my ravenous craving for music, but what’s next? Musical enlightenment was again revealed in 1972 with The Band’s “Rock of Ages” as my next major aural imprint. The Band’s innovative sound still fills slot #2 in the annals of my
Gary Laatsch grew up in the Southern California listening to the Mighty Met (KMET) and the original KROQ. He moved to Phoenix in 1974 to attend DeVry Institute of Technology. In Phoenix he discovered true free format radio with the Bill Compton run KDKB. He moved back to Southern California after college but never lost his love for the Valley of The Sun and Free Format Rock.  When he moved back to the Phoenix in 2004 he kept singing a song from a local band (Heat Stroke by The Dusty Chaps) but couldn't remember the name of the song or the band. He discovered RFP and sent an email to Andy Olson and asking him about the tune. Andy not only knew it, but promised to play it. Gary started listening to Radio Free Phoenix and has never stopped. Gary did the
Gary Laatsch
Charmi O'Connor

Charmi, radio has always played a central part in her life. When she was four, she was enraptured by the children's Christmas radio series, the Cinnamon Bear.  At 13 she was given a transistor radio by her parents, and then spent the next several years with it glued to her ear.  By her mid teens, rock and roll was her world! By 19 she was heavily into the underground rock scene beamed from WLS in Chicago.  Over the years she has maintained her ardent love of rock music, and was pleased to discover the programming of Radio Free Phoenix. Charmi got her start on RFP as a Radio Freedom guest DJ, and now has a show on Saturday afternoon, 3 to 7p.m. (MST). As Charmi says, "Totally a superior honor and an incredibly fun experience!"

Kent was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and moved to Mesa in 1974 and then Scottsdale, Arizona. Kent says, "I listened to 93.3 KDKB, The Storm, KSTM, and any other rock and roll station I could find that rocked my day". Introduced to music at a young age, Kent studied with Arlen Asher in Albuquerque, learning to play the clarinet and saxophone and played in various groups and school bands throughout high-school. "I heard about RFP’s guest DJ show, so I sent in an email and was selected. While doing the show and playing some of my favorite songs I grew up with, I thought, wouldn’t this just be a kick to do all the time? I am
Kent Kirchner
Radio Freedom show and soon became a regular on RFP air staff in 2010. Join Gary, Monday through Friday from 5am - 8am (MST)

proud and happy to be a part of the RFP family and keeping “real” rock and roll alive, the old and the new." Hear Kent, Saturday night from 9-2am on Radio Free Phoenix.
David Hughes

Who Is David Hughes and why is he doing these things to me! Well, he comes from Raleigh, North Carolina and first came to RFP through the guest DJ show Radio Freedom. David had so much fun doing the show that he wanted to do this on a regular basis and so here he is! You can hear David every Saturday morning on Radio Free Phoenix from 6-10am (Arizona Time) Heck it’s all Arizona time here, so check with your time zone calender for the time David is on in your area. He will give you an unbiased slant on the music from a truly Southern perspective.