Just by a Trick of Fate I stumbled onto Radio Free Phoenix and It feels like Home in here.
I grew up in Phoenix listening to KRIZ and KRUX and my all time fave KCAC. I can't begin
to tell you what a trip it's been for me to hear Real Music again..and the Memories that have
come to life.

In 1970-71 I lived at a little Community in Laveen called Starbright Ranch. My Mother, Father, Sister and I lived in one of the small guest houses at the foot of South Mountain. My Mother use to send me with her fresh baked bread to share it with our Good neighbors...Carol, Ron Worthram, Ray Thompson and "Little Willie Sushine".
When I first met Bill Compton I thought he Looked like Jesus...Hey...I was a 13 year old kid and he was the first Real Hippie I'd ever met.I remember walking into his flat and there was this one whole wall filled from floor to ceiling with shelves of Albums. everything you could Imagine...I'd ask him do you have...and the answer was alwas a Big Smile and he'd pull out the Album..just like Magic! Bill's place reminded me of  the Hobbit...it was almost Magical...you had to of seen it to know what I mean.

It's been a long time...alot of Old Memories have come back in Living Color...And now that I've found RFP..I've got a feeling I'll be Flashin back to some good memories quite often..and I am spreading the word. I know so many people who would be Trippin to the Tunes Boo. Thank you, Soooo much for RFP...Well Done!
Aleta Macaluso
Phoenix, AZ
Hey Radio Guys!

I was just made aware of Radio Free Phoenix via the Wallace & Ladmo Fan Club website and tuned in. I have to say BRAVO! You guys rock, and please keep up the GREAT work!

John Hesterman
Former AZ Radio Guy
San Diego, CA
Hey this is great news, I just found this site and I'll be linking onto you guys on a regular basis + contributing donations to help keep things rolling.   I remember Bill Compton & Toad Hall from back in my Phoenix days.....Toad even let me crash out there once for a couple days back in early '70 and let me store my record collection till I could get settled. 
I recall when KDKB - FM first went on the air.....they played ocean sounds for a couple days, and I think the first song they played was Buffalo Springfield's  "On the Way Home".  KDKB seemed to match my moods perfectly...
Do you have any recordings of guys like Bill Compton or Toad Hall from those old shows?  It'd be a blast to hear their voices again.  Bll Compton is still the best I've heard -  thanks for keeping the torch alive! Good Luck....
Tom Fowler
San Diego, CA
Hey guys, Garry from Sydney here, Love listening to your station, great to hear ELO on there, also love to here The Move, Roy Wood, Wizzard, Black Crowes, Idle Race and Beatles :-) Keep up the great work!

Gary Roff
Sydney, Australia
Hello everybody,
Since my dear husband installed that little terratec gadget to listen to the world, we are daily enjoy listening to Radio Free Phoenix. It quickly became our favorite radio station. We love the music "That everybody says nobody wants to hear"
It makes our live complete. Thank you
Antje and Franz (husband)
Birkweiler/ Germany
Thanks for saving music for me.  It has been several years since I have listened to music this much.  I turn on your station at work and let it play all day.  Phoenix radio is so weak it is painful to listen to.  Listening to your radio station is so great I feel energized all day.  I love the variety, the memories, hearing artists that I love that would never get any airplay on any broadcast radio station.  I have converted many friends to listening to your station. 
Jim Cummings
Phoenix, AZ
AO - I'm so addicted to RadioFreePhoenix.  Thank you for allowing great music to once again be heard.  I leave it "on" my computer all day long.  Unfortunately, my dog gets to hear it more than I do (while I'm at work).  Keep it up!
Bill A
Phoenix, AZ
Dear Andy and Liz,
Hello from an old Storm listener in Tulsa, Oklahoma! I listen to a great public radio station, WXPN in Philadelphia. They had an 885 greatest rock song countdown last year and I thought it might give you all some ideas (although your way out playlist would probably give WXPN some great ideas)!  I will be listening and enjoying your internet feed! I appreciate your efforts very much!
David Ragland
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Sure have enjoyed your show tonight, Liz Boyle.  Hearing Lene Lovich at the end of your show, I thought of Pearl Harbor and the Explosions and their song I'M ONLY DRIVING.  I was pleased to see her on your artist list. If you can play it sometime, I would sure love to hear it.
Thanks again for making the full spectrum of music accessible. Keep up the great work.  Thanks!!!
First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!! I can't believe what I am hearing. The best compliment I can give you or any radio station is this is what KSTM The Storm would be if it was still on the air. Each tune not just good, but great. I came to AZ in 1982 and from day one until it passed on, The Storm was the not just the best station in Phoenix, but the best I had ever heard. That station informed the listener along with entertaining them too. I don't have my KSTM t-shirts anymore but I do have some old KSTM bumper stickers that I stored away along time ago to only recently find again. They are treasures. Those were the best days of radio, and now with your help they are back again. Thank you again everyone.
Phoenix, AZ
Bill Compton, Toad Hall, Nina Joy, Dwight Tindle, Wonderful Russ ( Mr. Real Estate), Johnny D & "Lee Powell" all made me happy to listen to radio.  I remember buying an underground newspaper called," Rebirth", before the New Times, from a long haired hippy on the corner of Central and McDowell back in 1968 or1969.  He was working at KRUX on an underground radio show that went from midnight to, I think, (too old), 3 am.  He called himself "Little Willie Sunshine'. Then he went to KCAC then to KDKB.  You know who I 'm talking about.  He changed radio in this city like no other.  Now I have Radio Free Phoenix. It's been far too long. Thank  you.
Frank Blume
Phoenix, AZ 
Just discovered your stream in the last few days. Great stuff- listening here in Australia. Sat afternoon my time. Nice to hear a few Oz bands like Men at Work and Crowded House etc. The programming mix is extremely well done with the mixture of "old" and new and not so well known--nice to be exposed to new material. Keep up the good work, you have picked up a long time listener here. I will pass on your online stream to others here in Oz. 

Chris Turner
I must say, I think you're onto something big here. I love the fact that you have major commercial artists on the playlists and, yet, play their lesser-known songs. There's a nice mix of classic hits without falling into that "classic radio" format trap. I also appreciate the fact that there are artists I've never heard of. It's great to be able to expand my musical repertoire while still enjoying some of the songs I grew up with. 
Terry Sullivan
San Francisco, CA 
I stumbled on to your station last night looking up Jerry Jeff Walker, which lead to the McDowell Mountain Music Festival, which lead to looking up Jerry Riopelle and Hans Olson (I had forgotten about him), which lead to KDKB and a short search for info on an old DJ named Scott Nicholson. Many memories came flooding back, especially Bill Compton who would play Stormy Monday anytime I called on a Monday when the weather looked like crap (not often to be sure). Now enjoying Radio Free Phoenix at the office (I had to grow up and get a "real" job). Thanks to all of you for your passion!
Tony Schmoll
Phoenix, AZ
I just wanted to say hello and that you guys rock! Finally there's something to listen to that plays stuff you never hear. I have a small collection of obscure progressive rock and other oddities that no one has ever heard of, but you guys are playing it! Nobody on the air in Phx. played anything like this until KCDX 103.1 Florence fired up '02. Thanks again for the great music! 

Casey Aldridge
Phoenix, AZ 
Thank You Thank You Thank You! I've been listening for a couple of hours now, checked out your Playlist and Artists list and your bios -- turns out I've been listening to you folks in your various incarnations for years! Now, between you-all on the Web at work and KCDX on the radio in the car, we *finally* have REAL music back on the airwaves (and ether) in the Valley of the Sun! I *will* be contributing to your "cause" and I *will* be patronizing your sponsors (Barnes & Noble, PayPal). Now, WHERE DO I GET MY BUMPER STICKERS???
Let the music play,
Remember W.E.Compton, 

Ed Coleman
(Phoenix native) 

I can already tell you that I love the diversity! I was very surprised to hear Louis Armstrong. It gets old listening to the same stuff every day. When I am in my truck I am always changing the channel...searching for something I haven't heard the day before. This is great because I am hearing songs I've never heard before. I can't wait to tell my brother, he is a musician and also appreciates diversity in music. Thanks : ) 

Debi Umphrey
Scottsdale, AZ 

I stumbled onto you guys through Crap From the Past. After a half hour of listening I think I have found a new internet music station. This is great. The old stuff, the new stuff, and the station sounds great. I like adventurous music radio. The "Oh Wow" factor with oldies I'd forgot about with great sounding new stuff. I haven't heard the d.j.'s yet but given the music I'll bet they are informed and entertaining. Good luck on your endeavor. I will do my best to spread the word here in Wisconsin. 

Mark Nielsen

I discovered your station last week, and i cannot stop listening! Your playlist is awesome!. I might suggest some Michelle Shocked if you have any. Thanks a million, you guys rawk! 

Kelly Dorf
Beaverton, OR 

Love the station...great playlist. I have yet to hear any Jerry Joseph and any of his factions.....ie....Jerry Joseph & Jackmormons (PinkLight/Election Day) or his latest effort with The Stockholm Syndrome. I think it would fit right in. Keep up the good sounds to me ears. 

Darren Trahan
Tempe, AZ. 

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