Dave Cooper – 4-8pm

davecooperMy earliest memories and influences of music came via WLS-Radio in Chicago during the mid-1960s listening to larger-than-life personalities Larry Lujack, John “Records” Landecker, and others. Radio created such an impact through those impressionable years – I just had to experience a DJ’s life.

The Beatles, by far, were my favorite band – the Toppermost of the Poppermost. Still are. Beatles’ music was the soundtrack of my childhood, but when their legendary magic dissolved, radio continued to fulfill my ravenous craving for music, but what’s next? Musical enlightenment was again revealed in 1972 with The Band’s “Rock of Ages” as my next major aural imprint. The Band’s innovative sound still fills slot #2 in the annals of my my personal collection.  Still, I questioned, what else is out there?

By this time, “underground FM-radio” was gaining momentum, so I explored. Around 1976 I discovered WXRT: Chicago’s Fine-Rock Station. The raw, unbridled, eclectic sound emanating from 93.1 on my radio dial provided audio-sanctuary. I then realized, there is more. A lot more.

I was consumed in the glorious, wondrous realm of album-rock, beefing up my sound gear, increasing my record collection, sharing it with – everyone. My home was the place to be. I might as well have been on-the-air. That would have to wait.

Moving to Tempe, AZ. in 1983, underground FM-radio was again revealed by The Storm, and later The Zone in the early 1990s. Professional radio came to me in 1994 at KZON and KYOT – The Coyote – that is where my on-air experience would begin. It’s also where I met Andy Olson. I enjoyed 7½ years as Coyote Dave, later 1½ more in the Valley with K-Jazz.

In 2004, Andy invited me to join the burgeoning entity of Internet Radio. I am very proud to be one of the original members of commercial-free, listener-supported, free-form-rock, Radio Free Phoenix.  Thanks for supporting Radio Free Phoenix for the past 10 years. Enjoy the music: It’s real.   Hear Dave Cooper, every Thursday & Friday from 4-8pm (Arizona Time) on RFP!